Never Ending bucket list 1-50

Do you ever feel the need to grow in life? To accomplish something and be beneficial in the world? The need to exist and devour all the opportunities life has to offer you? I always do and I am always adding. Bucket lists have existed for me before I can remember. I have always given myself something to look forward to, something that excited my mind and soul. The things on my list inspire growth, take me back to my childhood, and let me learn things I would have never known otherwise. This list is constantly expanding and growing with me as a person,

  1. Air Boat Across an Alligator Infested Swamp
  2. Ride an elephant *
  3. Bath with a elephant*
  4. jump a four wheeler*
  5. graduate culinary school*
  6. ride a camel
  7. bamboo raft down a foreign river*
  8. travel international*
  9. eat something i cant pronounce
  10. Do something i told myself i never would*
  11. stay in the cave hotel in Turkey
  12. skinny dip in Greece
  13. Eat pasta in Italy
  14. save a life
  15. catch/grow my entire meal
  16. get blessed by a Buddhist*
  17. Never get divorced
  18. make and keep international friends
  19. ride in a dog sled
  20. go ice fishing
  21. go to a nudist beach*
  22. pet a tiger*
  23. hold a sloth*
  24. have a family filled with love
  25. own a dog*
  26. be vegetarian
  27. attend a peace march
  28. get a tattoo
  29. skydiving
  30. scuba dive*
  31. hold a monkey*
  32. Hug a redwood
  33. Build a tiny home
  34. Be someones woman crush Wednesday *
  35. Live international
  36. prepare every recipe in one recipe book
  37. See the salmon run
  38. Scuba in a sunken ship*
  39. Blow glass
  40. Write a book
  41. Receive fan mail
  42. bike down a volcano*
  43. Take an improv class
  44. Be a bridesmaid*
  45. get married in the mountains*
  46. Nurse something back to life
  47. get a fish manicure*
  48. Start a  successful business
  49. eat at a three Michelin star restaurant
  50. Flip a house

If is has a (*) by it I have accomplished it already.  Anything you have done that I should add?? Let me know!



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