Sunshine blogger award of awesomeness

Guys, I am so extremely new to this entire blog thing so I literally had to google what this was and how I was supposed to handle it. Turns out it is a flooring compliment given by those who find happiness in your writing (in my case it is @An Outcast Wayfarer) I will now answer a list of questions that have been administered to me:

  • What’s the coolest thing you ever seen?  The jungles of Thailand from the back of a elephant
  • Your favorite movies? Across the Universe, P.S I love you, Home videos filmed by my lovely mother dear
  • What’s something you’d like to achieve? Become a full time travel and food blogger of greatness. Die knowing I packed every ounce of life into my years.
  • Are you as lazy as I? Ha HA I love a good lazy day but I have to space them out or i feel like a blob of jello melting away.
  • The funniest lie you ever lied? Where’d the furby go? (20 year old confession )
  • What’s likable about mosquitoes? I was actually tagged in a post yesterday that showed how they get the little needle to find a vein in order to get the blood and it was incredible, They are very genius creatures.
  • What’s something you miss in the blogosphere? Still so new I got nothing
  • Do you know that me nominating you means that I really want your blog to grow? I love this one! So happy that this is a friendly environment. You lovely, are amazing
  • How will you try to let it grow? Open for suggestions on this one. Doing constant research regarding how to make that happen. And making awesome friends like you
  • For how long have you been blogging on your current blog? Not even a week!
  • Who is the grossest person you ever met?  The man who sat next to me in a China flight (blog coming soon)
  • What’s to you the coolest thing in the world? Sunday morning with coffee


I will have to add nominees as I go, I don’t want to make this decision willy nilly and have it lose its greatness while in my hands.


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