Meet Mik

I am….. This is how I am choosing to portray my blog, a completely honest painfully awkward depiction of my life, nothing left out, no editing or pride saving backspaces. Honesty, something I think the world sadly has lost the definition of. Warning ahead of time that I can not guarantee that every read will be a genuine pleasure, because most of my stories will leave you squirming in your seat, your mouth gawking in disbelief, or  hiding under your desk in denial. If you are willing to accept all of this, please, by all means continue. I am a adventurer at heart. I have always had a itch to discover and dissect life to the smallest little details. I over analyze, I destroy, I rebuild, I explore. I am obsessed with food, mismatched socks, lyrics, and am the president of the “awkward moments define my life club”.

I am a 26 year old traveling, storytelling chef. I explore a minimum of two new states each year and one new country. My blog details my trips and all the in between moments. As well as recipes that I have recently attempted and proven true.

I am writing this blog because of all the moments in my own young life when I have ached to connect with someone real and to not feel like the odd one out. To know that I was not the only one who life dealt its cruel and Glorious cards to. So this is my gift to someone, or maybe no one. My life, my journey, my epic disasters as the spotted radical read head, Mik.



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