White Pine Lake

White Pine lake in Logan Utah Canyon. 3.9 Miles in and 3.9 Miles straight up and out. We passed a ton of horses along the way and even tried to bribe one with a apple for a free ride back up but had no luck. You begin the hike by walking into meadow after meadow running into wildlife along the way as beads of sweat  trickle down every crevice that god created. Leaving you pleasantly moistened by your own fat crying (aka sweat)

The walk into the lake is slightly uphill  until the very last mile when you start head down into the valley where the lake sits in all its glory. People frequently hike down with equipment and camping gear to stay a weekend, I  have yet to be that adventurous but it is on my bucket list (item 12)

Hardest part of this hike for me was when you have indulged in the beautiful views and start your way back out of the bowl of hell. It is obviously uphill as you are hiking out of the valley and the trail tends to lean as if trying to kick you down the side of the mountain that you are working so hard to hike out of.

I loved the lake and the waters were crystal clear and ice cold. This hike is best done early in the morning or right before night fall if you are camping, not a lot of tree coverage on the way down so the sun sucks the life right out of you. So what do you take from this?

  • Go on this hike
  • Wear sunscreen cause cancer sucks
  • Take time to enjoy the lake before hiking out of the bowl of hell

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