Easily the best decision to date i have ever made. Bali Indonesia, Super small and beautiful Provence, drive from coast to coast in 5 hours. Jam packed with overly assertive monkeys, surrounding oceans, and rice fields blowing past you.

I chose to visit Bali as my first international trip ever. It was first introduced to me as the  “water island” (who wouldn’t be won over by that) I immediately started a thorough investigation. Cheap stay, Cheap food, BEAUTIFUL scenery and a people who made you feel like you were reconnecting the family.

I stayed at a homestead with a family for the first 3 days of my trip. Highly recommend diving into the local scene for a few reasons,

  • Local deals on any attractions or food
  • Familiar with locations of ATM etc
  • Free cooking classes!
  • Relationship building!

I mean how cool is it to now have Balinese friends that I would not hesitate to call and stay with again! During my month-long adventure I toured Kuta, Ubud, Denpasar, and Abang. Each held special memories that are eternally imprinted on my soul.

Kuta was my Ocean, Surfing lessons, Learning the Strength of the Tide, Drinking Fresh cracked coconuts that were only seconds ago hanging above us swaying in the trees that shaded our sun licked skin.

Ubud introduced me to a new side of the animal kingdom, Monkeys. While you were eating, inside your purse, locking themselves in the Taxi. Wild monkeys at that, No touchy, just respecting the curiosity that filled their fluffy beautiful bodies. Ubud itself seemed to be filled with love of each other, mother earth, and self discovery.

Denpasar was where my family was. I enjoyed nights walking in the 5 story markets with liquid inches of freshly chopped meat juices on the lower floor, Insanely fresh herbs and spices on the second, Fruit and vegetables showered every open space on the third and the last two floors were flooded with trinkets and tools. I Soaked in every new moment crushed and inhaled the new spices as I was taught to cook and heal with them.

Abang was easily my biggest adventure in Bali. Bike rides down the Active Volcano that erupted a year after my visit. Touring Coffee and tea factories and trying the worlds most expensive coffee that is roasted after coming out of the rear of an animal. Scuba diving to sunken US cargo ships that served as a graveyard for all those lost during the war, now highly decorated by sea life. Watching your meal killed and prepared for you giving you a deeper appreciation for what the world offers you, making you instantly grateful for the gift. I fell into a deep realization in Bali that I will never let myself forget.


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